Greer with the Beasleys

Isn’t it nice when you get the chance to retreat to a relaxing place and spend time with close friends?  That’s exactly what we got to do when the Beasley family visited from Oklahoma!  The Beasleys came to Arizona to visit some other friends, and while they were in the area, we thought it would be nice to go to Greer with them for a couple days.

The whole plan was for them to arrive Tuesday night, and then leave for Greer Thursday morning.  Well, things didn’t exactly work out that way!  After returning from the Family Conference in Texas, we all got sick, some to a worse degree than others.  Kerry was down with the flu for four days, completely bedridden!  Dad got a cough and cold, and I mine started out as a cough and sore throat.  It was terrible!

Then on Tuesday morning Kerry started to feel better, but me, not so much!  I had a temperature of 101.7 and threw up several times.  I felt like a zombie that morning!  It turns out that I got the flu as well, and we made the decision to not have the Beasleys stay with us that night so that they wouldn’t get sick.  We prayed that my temperature would go down before it was time to leave for Greer.  And praise the Lord, it did!

The Beasleys ended up arriving Wednesday night, and Thursday morning we all headed to Greer!  We stayed in a cute little cabin with a nearby grassy area and a small pond.  There were also…HAMMOCKS!!! ☺ The hammocks were a favorite spot over the couple of days we were there!  We also enjoyed going on walks in the wilderness and watching movies together.  It was a blast!

Unfortunately, Greer looked a bit sad because of the dry, barren mountains.  Dad said that it was probably because of the mild winter Greer had, and there wasn’t much snow run-off to keep it green.  Also, fires caused some of the hills to be treeless.  It was funny because the hill right near our cabin was so dry and empty that we called it “toothpick mountain”!!! ☺

Despite this, we had a fantastic time with our OK friends!  Now, enough talking!  Time for some pictures!

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    Kami Crisanti
    May 21, 2018

    Looks like a wonderful time. I’m so sorry you were all sick. Praise the Lord that you were well before your trip.
    I just love reading about your family! It’s a blessing.
    In Christ,
    The Crisanti’s. (Kami(

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