Happy Father’s Day!

Today, people across the country are celebrating what we know of as “Father’s Day.”  And while there are many godly Christian fathers throughout the world, I want to especially thank, and lift up, my dad, Kory.

I feel so incredibly blessed beyond measure to have a dad like mine.  I know I can always count on him.  He has so much priceless wisdom to offer, even though I might not always realize it.  He has taken up the God-given responsibility of raising me as the young woman God has intended for me to be!  Honestly, it is because of him (and God, of course) that I am who I am as a Christian.  Despite all my struggles and shortcomings, Dad is always there, by my side, praying for me.

Not every girl has the dad they need in their life.  I don’t know why God decided to bless me so immensely with a father who loves the Lord and loves me so much, but I sure am thankful!

I love you so much, Dad!


Lauren “Pickle” 

After opening some gifts, we played a game of Guess That Tool!, followed by some homemade peanut brittle! 🙂  Here are some pics from the day!

Christmas Recital

Katey just performed in her first harp recital since beginning lessons last July.  Her instructor, Alla Yashneva, is from Russia and has proven to be a wonderful instructor for Katey.

After hearing that Lauren was also learning to play the piano, Alla invited her to accompany Katey in a rendition of “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming”.

Christmas Day 2012

Christmas Concert

This evening, we joined our neighbors, the Huishs’ and the Fosters, for a piano and orchestra recital.  Katie and her friend Isabel have been practicing selections from The Wizard of Oz and were expertly accompanied by Isabel’s father Karl.

It was a wonderful evening and we enjoyed the fellowship of our good neighbors.


Katie’s Christmas Concert

Happy Easter!

This was a beautiful day to remember our resurrected Lord. We were blessed to have cousin Tyler with us this weekend so the children began with a traditional hunt for Easter eggs as soon as they woke. In keeping with a family tradition (started last year), the girls each received a new pair of shoes along with their baskets. I had to laugh as I was reminded by Katie several days before Easter, that this in fact WAS a tradition…

After the egg hunt, we began preparing for our worship service. We have hosted a small house church for the last year and have been blessed to have several others join us each Sunday morning. The teaching today was centered around the significance of Christ’s resurrection and how Christianity is unique to all other world religions. After the service, we hosted friends and neighbors for lunch and fellowship.

Later in the day, we visited with our friends the LeCompte’s in Mesa and looked at a few homes in that area. All in all, it was a great day spent with my family. I am grateful.