The Power of Prayer

have you ever sat amazed when you realized your prayer was answered? i have, and it’s a pretty powerful feeling. there are so many hurting people and persecuted Christians that desperately need our prayers.

my good friend laura and i have decided to spread the word of basic prayer needs with hopes that you and i will remember the requests in prayer. each month i will list a ministry, missionary, testimony, or encouraging story with the purpose of commiting that person/group in prayer. i will post these once a month so that it’s easier to focus on one rather than forgetting thefervent-prayer request shortly after you pray. if you have someone in mind that could use prayer or would like to share a testimony, please comment and i would love to hear from you! also, tell others so they may pray too. if each of us is comitted to fervently praying over a matter, God will respond. let’s together be faithful in praying for the big things i.e. that so-and-so missionary will be released from prison, the ever-rising tensions in the middle east, the child whose parent’s were beheaded for their faith, etc. here is a note from laura:

 “lately i was wondering how i can make a difference and serve the Lord in every way that i can. as a fourteen year old, home-schooled Christian, what can i do to help the world see Christ during the time it needs Him most? well, one thing, one very important thing, is that i can pray. we can be a light where we are but what can we do to help the people in “unreachable places,”  see the light of the gospel? maybe we can’t reach them physically, but the One who made them can. God has led katey and i to put together these blog prayer updates. please tell us if you are praying by either e-mailing katey ( or myself ( we will also pray for you and share them on the blog at your request. you can send a prayer request that ties with the theme as well as personal ones. please also send us praise reports so we can share what great things God has done.

may God bless you as you serve Him and pray!”


if you have ever wondered “how can i reach the world with the gospel? i can’t even drive yet?!” here is your answer, perhaps the answer to your prayers.

your prayers matter. why do you think Scripture advises us to “pray without ceasing”? The Lord hears the prayers of the righteous, and if anything, He will grow your faith through this time of prayer.

so please consider partaking in this small outreach that is in the hands of a big God.

“Now, my God, may your eyes be open and your ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place.”

~ 2 Chronicles 6:40


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