The Glory of a Woman

if you didn’t guess by the title, this is a hair post.

in the past month, i have colored my hair not once, not even twice, but sadly, three times!! yes, i know, i’m surprised it hasn’t fallen off too. but why? let me first admit, i regret beginning this hair catastrophe. why do women have a hard time accepting the way God created them. like really, if we all just entrusted our appearance to God and acknowledged that He made us perfectly,there would be no long morning hours of getting ready to face the world, no hair dyes or even makeup, and, lest we forget, our wallets would most definitely be heavier.

anyway, my calamity began with a dumb desire for change. don’t they all? so, long story short, my hair ended up reddish-orangish on top and like this extremely dark brown on the bottom. ew. so how did i fix that? one week later we dyed it what i thought would be a light brown. i was wrong. not only did this color absorb more of those red tones, it darkened on the bottom only!!

here is what it looked like:


totally kidding!! but, to me, it was equally bad! so then what did i do? a little over a week later we died what was called a “medium blonde” which is what my natural color is anyway. i thought you had to bleach hair to get it light…well we didn’t and…it stayed dark!! WHY?!!! no one knows… well actually i do. my hair kept soaking up color and making it this triple chocolate/cheese mixture of color thats not cute!!

so, while trying to improve my hair i came pretty close to destruction. girls out there: don’t be deceived!! what seems like a little touch-up or “change” can lead to some serious damage. for your hair and your self-confidence. it is so much harder to correct hair dye mess-ups than to, well not.

anyway, take my disastrous testimony as a warning. i’m thinking about making a video or something to advise my future self to leave my hair alone!! i hope it works. meanwhile, i’ll keep scrubbing my hair with dish soap. it really works to fade hair color..but is also damaging if used too much.

“Does not the very nature of things teach you that if a man has long hair,it is a disgrace to him,

but that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory?”

~ 1 Corinthians 11:15



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