The Fear Solution

“You shall surely not die…” Sound familiar? These are a few of the famous last words spoken before sin entered our world and changed it forever. Eve knew God said not to eat or even touch the fruit, giving as His reason that she would die if she did. So Satan entered the scene to challenge God’s authority and plant seeds of doubt within Eve. He did this by lying to Eve and convincing her that her life would be improved if only she ate the fruit. Was this true? HAH! NO WAY. We can say that confidently because we have the behind-the-scenes scoop; additionally, we can flip a few pages and see how Adam and Eve’s lives were changed alright, but for the worst.

The same sneaky deceiver that slithered through the garden that day, is still prowling around the world today–and his tactics haven’t changed a bit. He’s still very much in the business of lying, stealing, and destroying everything he possibly can. Sound terrifying? IT IS. However, Satan only has as much ground as we’re willing to give him in our lives.

In growing and learning more on the concept of fear, I see so clearly how my own encounters with this enemy can be well-compared to the deception of Eve in the garden of Eden. You see, Satan made a very tricky move by persuading Eve that by not eating from the forbidden tree she was missing out on something good. He got her to believe the lie that we can have anything good apart from God. In fact, he was directly implying that the good was specifically found apart from God and His plan.

I don’t know about you, but often times my view of what is “good” for me is very skewed. When I was 5, I believed that eating Fruity Pebbles everyday was good for me; but now, I realize it’s not (too bad…) I must realize that I cannot be the judge of what is good for me and what is not. As Lord of my life, that’s God’s job. Btw He does it way better than me anyway. ;) So when Satan encouraged Eve to question God’s judgment on what was good for eating, he was really making her doubt God’s character and ability to make good decisions.

Any time I’m walking in fear, it’s because there’s some lie I’m believing about God. If I fear my future, it’s because I don’t truly trust that God will provide all my needs and fill my days with good. If I fear man, it’s because I’m not confident in God’s view of who I am. If I fear being poor or sick, it’s because I don’t believe that God will be by my side no matter my condition, and that He works all things together for good (Romans 8). You see where I’m going with this? The cure to my fear is not suppressing emotion, increasing medication, or any other crazy antidote a modern psychologist may prescribe.

The solution to my fear is BELIEVING GOD. Believing God is who He says He is, and believing He will do what He says He will do! Fears have a way of rolling around in our minds and influencing our actions, long after we consciously considered the fear itself. That’s the nature of meditation. What we think about is what we’ll become. When a fear presents itself in my mind, just like with any other sinful thought, I have the opportunity (and responsibility) to replace that fear–that lie about God–with TRUTH.

I heard it said recently that if you don’t know the truth, lies sound like truth. If Eve had been meditating on God’s goodness rather than her own desires and curiosities, things may have turned out quite differently. It’s amazing what we’re capable of believing when we don’t know the truth. In what ways is Satan trying to convince you that God has “withheld good” from you? Based on his track record, it’s safe to say he can’t be trusted. May we never let fears, lies, or any other sins dictate what we believe about God. Let’s let Him speak for Himself and convince us that He is abundantly more than capable of meeting our every need and filling our days with what is truly good.

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