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Bright Lights: Friends

Last night, I had the privilege of teaching in our Bright Lights group. The topic was “Friends” and I purposely chose to teach this lesson because of how God has shown me to choose friends wisely. The meeting went wonderfully and the Lord was present throughout.


Bright Lights Banquet

recently, we had a lesson in bright lights about gratitude. when discussing the importance of expressing appreciation to others, we decided to throw a banquet for the families of all the girls. this was also a great opportunity to convey all that we have learned throughout the past couple of years. so the date was set…


Bright Lights Anniversary

This February marked the second year anniversary of Bright Lights, a girls Bible study group that meets in our home. I have learned a lot over the past two years and have loved getting to meet each new girl that joins! Last year we had the privilege of being visited by Sarah Mally, the founder…