Prayer Please!

Hi everyone!

I’d like to adjust the way I’m doing updates + prayer requests.  Starting tomorrow morning I will be shooting out an email as we drive to the prison stating some specific prayer requests for the day.  I’ll try to do this each weekday.  We are in the prison from about 7-12pm, Monday-Friday.  If you would be willing to receive my prayer requests by email each day and pray over them, please let me know and I will send them to you!!  I will continue to post updates on this blog periodically, but will put the priority on prayer emails right now.  I can’t stress enough how powerful prayer is!  And if you know of any prayer warriors who would like to be praying over the requests I send out, let me know that too. :)

Thanks a bunch!

I love you all lots!



  • Hello Katie,

    We continue to pray for you and Ruthie as the Lord brings you to mind. Both reports are often shared at our noon staff prayer meeting. Thus, if you want to keep us in the loop that would be great! Thanks for all you are doing!

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