Prayer Matters

Since coming to Florida to work in the prison, I’ve seen God answer prayer in more ways than I have in a long time.  I’m discovering the incredible power of prayer and seeing how God really does want to move mountains, if only we would ask Him to. 

As I’ve stated in previous posts, the Lord has been stretching me in multiple ways and drawing me out of what I call “comfortable”.  As a result, I’ve had the joy of seeing Him work through me in a way like never before.  The other day, a girl in the dorm, Stella, came up and asked to talk to me for a minute.  She’s young and typically pretty shy, so I was pleasantly surprised that she wanted to talk with me.  She shared how she used to be in a Satanic occult, but God has redeemed her and saved her from the bondage that came with it.  But still, the enemy has not ceased his working in Stella’s life and was using other people to make her stumble.  She was expressing frustration because some other people around her were struggling in areas in which she used to struggle, like demonic possession. As I listened to her, I confessed that I don’t have a lot of knowledge of demonism, but I do know what the Bible says about demons being cast out by prayer and fasting. So I challenged her to pray for those around her who were bound by Satan, instead of judging them.  It’s easy to judge people for the sins that we have already overcome.  I’d say the solution to that prideful heart condition is accepting the truth that we never overcame our sins, Christ did.  

She was really receptive to what I shared and agreed that she needs to take responsibility for herself, stop pointing fingers, and pray for her offenders. I’m still praying for God to work powerfully in Stella’s life by freeing her from judging others and their sins.  

I’m learning that when you pray about everything, you’ll recognize the answers so much more clearly because you’re actually looking for them.  And that, my friends, leads to a grateful and humble heart. :)  Prayer is waiting on God (even expecting Him) to accomplish what you ask Him to.  And He will as long as it’s in His will.

Please also be praying for the Journey to the Heart retreats that are taking place in FWRC and two men’s prisons here in Florida this week.  God brought 110 female inmates to the Journey today, so pray that they will come for the rest of the week, and accept the truths and freedom that Christ has to offer through His Word and the Journey booklet. Also pray that they would hold nothing back, but surrender everything to God this week.  He’s already done so much to prepare the inmates’ hearts for this week, so pray that He’ll keep working!! 

And please do keep praying for Satan to be bound, both in the prison and within our team.  By working in the prison we’re fighting on the front lines of the spiritual battle.  This means two things: we will experience the blessing, provision, and presence of God in a way that we might never experience elsewhere, and also that we will be under spiritual attack more than we ever have anywhere else.  Please keep that in your prayers! 

“Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.” -1 Thessalonians 5:24


Love you all!



  • Katey, I see a level of maturity developing from what I read that shows the Lords blessing on you. Thank you for being an example to us by your faithfulness. I will be anxious to read this whole update to the kids when they get here this week, they love to hear your message and what’s going on. We are praying for you all there and all who get the opportunity to hear the messages.
    The Whitby’s

    • Thank you, Mr. Whitby! I’m grateful for the Lord’s hand at work, strengthening my faith and relationship with Him. Thank you for praying faithfully. -Katey

  • A lovely testimony and reflection. My prayers are with you and with all those on this “journey of joy” esp Stella. Excellent work and spiritual insight dear Katey. God Bless you, all my love, Grandma Kathy

  • Katey, you are inspiring me in so many ways! What God is doing through you is so amazing!! Everyone there seems so amazing and it sounds like you are enjoying Florida! While we do miss you hear at corner stone and my family, we are so proud of you and we are still praying for you! We miss you and can’t wait to see what else God is going to do in your life!

    • Evie, thank you!! I’m glad that these testimonies are inspiring you! God wants to do the same work through you, even while you’re at home! I miss you too!!

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