One of Those Days…

You know those days when everything seems to be going wrong? At first those times may feel frustrating, but eventually you end up laughing when you think about how many things went wrong in one day.

Today was one of those days in our house.  Except it wasn’t all day; no, all the crazy happenings were squished into a few hours in the morning…

8:35– Dad announces that he needs to leave to meet a friend somewhere. Kerry and Katey delay Dad when they explain that they each need one of the two cars (Kerry to take Lauren to a babysitting job and run errands; and Katey to drive to her weekly childcare job.)

8:36– Dad creatively decides to take his motorcycle. Dad changes his mind when he thinks that the motorcycle is out of gas. Dad remembers that he has extra gas somewhere.

8:42– Dad drives away.

8:43– Kerry and Lauren leave, only to find a paramedic at the house where Lauren is to babysit.  Kerry and Lauren discover that everything is okay and then Kerry drops Lauren off and heads to the store.

9:08– Katey starts the car to find the gas tank at empty and then slightly panics when she realizes she doesn’t have any cash…and no one is home.

9:09– Katey calls Dad to find out where she can find money in the house, and learns that Dad is on the side of the freeway because the front brake of his motorcycle caught fire?!

9:15– Katey raids Lauren’s wallet for cash and heads out…late.

9:20– Katey pulls up to a gas station to find EVERY pump out of service.

9:26– Katey finds another gas station along the way and, upon entering, discovers that this gas station also decided to be out of service today.

9:30– Katey holds her breath as she pulls into gas station #3 and is relieved to see that this gas station is up and running.

9:51– Four school zones, countless red lights, and one misleading “shortcut” later, Katey arrives at her destination 21 minutes late.

9:15-10:00– Dad calls Kerry many times and receives her voicemail because she left her phone in the car.

10:15– Dad rides home with no front brakes after putting out the fire (with the waving and blowing method 😆 )

Kerry’s dilemma came later when she overcooked the banana bread. :)

What a day! I have to laugh when I think about it. Besides, how can we be truly thankful and dependent upon God if everything went as planned all the time?

“The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”

~ Proverbs 16:9





  • Lol! That is hysrerical, Katey! Thanks for the laugh. And, I had NO idea your dad had a motorcyle!! What other veicle is therr to get beside cars, motorcycle and plane?!!!!
    Great summary at the end!

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