Homeschool Convention

this past weekend we attended the AFHE homeschool convention in phoenix. this time, however, we managed a booth for abiding radio.

the convention is a great way to inform others of your business and sell curriculum.


in order to explain ways to listen to the station, we placed several devices on the tables such as an ipad, laptop, and internet radio.


we also set out the business cards so passers by could grab one and read it later.


another way to attract interest was to hold a drawing for a grace digital internet radio.


so many people were engrosed by the “old-fashioned radio” itself which allowed us to explain what abiding radio is rather than hand them a raffle ticket. we really wanted to make sure these radios would be in good hands in lieu of some teenager who wants it to play “other” music… but don’t worry, we did not rig the contest… lol





so there was this little bistro at the convention center that was open during lunch hours for the shoppers and exhibitors. sister and i headed over one day expecting to find an extremely over-priced menu containing food that was just “eh”. i’ll have you know, over-priced it was, but exceedingly delish! the chicken quesadilla was soooo good that i ordered it the next day also; surprising for the customary rip-off prices at these type of events.



day 2- same food
day 2- same food


the family at the booth across from us got so busy selling a variety of merchandise so me, being so generous and sacrificial, offered to watch their precious little baby… haha ok so i dropped some hints here and there but, hey, i’m not around littles too often.

me and lil gideon
me and lil gideon


lauren traditionally enjoys entertaining the not-so-little young ones.

L and selah
L and selah


overall, the convention was splendid. we introduced many folks to abiding radio and acquainted with some long-time listeners as well.

can’t wait for next year to have that quesadilla time of fun & fellowship!

Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”

~ Matthew 5:14



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