on friday, while 93% of america was out trick-or-treating, i was with a group of friends packaging food at feed my starving children.

this organization is so amazing and is 100% donation supported and feeds thousands of kids each year. volunteers package, bag, seal, and box the “manna packs” and they are sent to one of nearly 70 countries. the boxes we packed went to the phillipines and fed 47 children for a year! such a great alternative to halloween.

the packing room
the packing room



packing station
packing station


no one looks good in a hair net…no one
no one looks good in a hair net…no one


photo 4


after a long hour of being on our feet, we all dined at in-and-out!


photo 5


serving at fmsc was such a great opportunity and knowing that a starving child will eat the food i packed is pretty amazing. one lady in our group said that forming this tradition of serving at fmsc on halloween is “the best way we could think of to combat satan on this evil holiday”. amen!

“He gave them these orders: ‘You must serve faithfully and wholeheartedly in the fear of the LORD'”

~ 2 Chronicles 19:9



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