Family Connection

this week we were privileged to welcome david waller + family as well as gabriel cleator into our home.

they are currently traveling all over the country to encourage mostly ati families by holding events where they give messages, distribute materials and meet new families.

to learn more about this ministry and ati click here

although their stay was short, our fellowship was rich and we were all super sad to see them go. thankfully, my dad’s nikon d5300 was nearby the whole time to capture the sweet memories!







paul was fascinated by the tractor! we could hardly get him off of it!


learning a trick for opening pomegranates!
learning a trick for opening pomegranates!









paul loved the guinea pig!
paul loved the guinea pig!







lunch at chick-fil-a!


paul was unsure about going down the slide :)
paul was unsure about going down the slide :)
















homemade belgian waffles!
homemade belgian waffles!



getting ready to head out
getting ready to head out



inside the motor home
inside the motor home



sad goodbyes
sad goodbyes

you may be wondering where the pictures from the family connection are…if so, watch the video below!

the messages by david and gabriel both really impacted me. here are some notes i took:


~The purer the oil, the brighter the flame.
~When a surgeon operates he uses clean tools; We need to be clean to be used by Him
~Pure religion is produced by trial
~Our branches must bear fruit
~Instead of using people to get things, use things to win people for Christ
~The greatest hindrance to serving God is a double mind (loving God and the world)
~We become who we spend time with
~Friendship with the world is enmity with God!!

now this point really struck me.

enmity=the state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something. wow. friendship with the world is like being an enemy with God!! how often do we befriend the world by desiring to be like it? by doing this we betray our Lord!

Only one life twil soon be past only what is done for Christ will last (love this quote)

~We become what we mediate on
~We are already meditating on something (always)
~Get to know your Fathers voice while the waters are still; the rapids WILL come
~If you want to be fulfilled, you need to be filled full of God

the whole group!
the whole group!



i am so grateful for these friends and greatly encouraged by their time here!

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

~ Matthew 18:20



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