Bright Lights is back!!

thursday august 7 marked the first meeting of our new season of bright lights!!

if you don’t know what bright lights is click here.


the topic of the lesson was praise.

here some points from my notes.

~ there are seven hebrew words for praise in the old testament:

yadah: raising/extending both hands

towdah: extending the right rand as a sacrifice

barouch: kneeling/bowing down in submission

shabach: lifting your voice/shouting

zamar: playing musical instruments

halell: dancing with the heart turned upward

telhilah: singing from the heart

~ when we praise God, we aren’t thinking about ourselves

~ there’s no limit of what we can praise God for

~ praise God for His righteousness

~ ask God to give you power to delight in His Word

~ we should praise the Lord in order to obey Him (He commands it)

i’m a very orderly person. everything must be organized and run smoothly.

i was reminded of the importance of praising the Lord when things don’t go as planned.

it highlights our lack of faith when we neglect Him rather than pondering on what He has done for us instead.

i like mark 7:9.

it says “And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God,

that ye may keep your own tradition.”

sometimes we I need to step back and realize that the Lord has a plan. an amazing one. He doesn’t need me to work it out. i need Him. that’s where the world is wrong. this rebellious generation that strives to break any form of righteousness, anything pure.

anyway, i’m so grateful for all the girls that come and continue to pray for more.


this season i, as well as a couple other older girls, have the opportunity to teach a lesson. i’m really excited to step up as a leader in this area and reach out to these young girls.


 “Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.”

~ Psalm 150:6


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