Bright Lights: Friends

Last night, I had the privilege of teaching in our Bright Lights group. The topic was “Friends” and I purposely chose to teach this lesson because of how God has shown me to choose friends wisely. The meeting went wonderfully and the Lord was present throughout.

We discussed the following points:

~ Does it matter who our friends are?

~ What are the purposes of friendships?

~ How do we choose godly friends?

~ What are the benefits of having godly friends?

~ What are the signs of a bad friend?

~ How can we become a good friend?

~ What should we do if we don’t have friends?


Our friends can influence us more than any one else- good or bad. I was able to share my testimony of having to change (many) groups of friends over the years and I know that some of the girls in our group are going through similar situations: “I know this friend is bad for me. what now?” I touched down on how to choose, as well as become, a godly friend. Our group ranges from ages 8-18. I don’t know of a better time/age to focus on friendships!! Altogether, the meeting went so well and I’m just praying that these girls will have the courage to make a change, if necessary, to surround themselves with godly friends.











After the lesson, we played a game that I thought would allow the girls to get to know each other better. After all, the lesson is on choosing godly friends…why not befriend each other?!





I gave the girls three minutes to find someone who fit each description ( someone who ate an apple today etc.) on their list, then put the girl’s name next to it. It also helped them learn each other’s names.








following the meeting, we had an ice-cream sundae party!!




Last night was also the last Bright Lights meeting for Stephanie, Andrea, and Michelle who are moving to Prescott :(


stephanie (orange), andrea (yellow), michelle (light blue)
Stephanie (orange), Andrea (yellow), Michelle (light blue)


Every Bright Lights meeting is special and encouraging, but I really enjoyed having the opportunity to teach a lesson. Who knows? Some of us older girls may start a group someday!


“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”

~ Matthew 18:20




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