Bible Reading Update #7

Hey y’all!
Sorry for the delayed update this week.  We’ve been in Oklahoma this past week spending time with friends, and making homemade ice cream!  I just wanted to share a quick story with you about a woman named Asia Bibi.  Asia is a Pakistani woman who defended her faith against Islamic co-workers, and was consequently accused of blasphemy.   Asia denies blaspheming, and photo_asiashe refuses to deny her faith in Christ.  Asia also has a husband and children who are suffering without their wife/ mother.  Today, Asia Bibi’s case will go before the Supreme Court in Pakistan.  Please pray that she would be released from captivity (she was accused in 2009) and that her family would be comforted.  If you go to you can sign a petition to free Asia from imprisonment.  The goal is to have 1,000,000 signatures of people who wish to see Asia set free.  Voice of the Martyrs will deliver the petition to the Pakistani Embassy in Washington D.C.

 “Our Christ sacrificed His life on the cross for our sins. 
 Our Christ is alive. -Asia Bibi

Have a blessed week,


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