Bible Reading Update #4

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer! I enjoyed the reading this week, and I hope you did too.

I noticed many passages that discussed the return of Christ and how we must prepare.  It’s amazing that not only do we not know the time of Jesus’ return, but Jesus himself doesn’t even know!
Only the Father knows the end time when Jesus will come and we will all give an account of our sins.  I also enjoyed learning some of the signs of the end times: persecution, wars and rumors of wars, famines, earthquakes, false prophets….  Jesus then explains that a fig tree becomes tender and grows leaves when summer is near.  Just as you can tell summer is coming by observing a fig tree, we know Christ is coming when we see the signs that he mentioned occur.

Here is some other feedback I received this week:

~ “In Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus tells a parable of a man who goes on a journey and leaves talents (money) to his slaves.  Two of his slaves put the money to good use by trading it and gained twice as much money.  The third slave dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money.  When the master returned, he was pleased with the two servants who gave him back more money than they had originally received, and angry with the wicked servant who gave him back only one talent.  Just as this master was angry with the worthless slave who didn’t reap anything good, Jesus is displeased with anyone who doesn’t give himself for God’s service.  We should be faithful slaves and use all the time and resources that God has given us for His glory!

~ As I read Matthew 22, what stood out to me is how Scripture so clearly reveals the natue and beauty of the Lord. But, if I’m not looking for Him, I will miss out on endless opportunities to know and love Him more.  I often find myself looking at Scripture to see how it applies to my life and the lives of others, but I must never forget to see Jesus in the Word. Today, I was in awe as I focused on our Lord. Matthew 22 reveals that He is:  our groom (vs. 2); He is our Teacher (vs. 16); He is true (vs. 16); He teaches the way of God in truth (vs. 16); He knows the Scriptures and the power of God (vs. 29); He is the Christ, the Messiah (vs. 42); He is the Son of David (vs. 42); He is Lord (vs. 43-45).  In verse 33, we read that when the multitudes heard Him, “they were astonished at His teaching”.  Are we astonished at His teaching?  Are we in awe of Him every time we read His word?

~ “As I read Matthew 25:1-13 about the ten virgins waiting with their lamps for the coming of the bride groom, I finally realized what that story means. We are those people on earth waiting for the return of Jesus. Some of us are ready, those who have asked Jesus into their lives and repented of their sins. Others, who have not asked Jesus to be their Lord, will not be ready when Jesus comes back. We do not know when Jesus will come back. Are you ready? Is Jesus the Lord of your life? Do you trust the One who died on the cross to save your sins? If not, the time is now. Don’t wait until it is too late.”

Once again, thank you to those who sent feedback and encouraging insights this week.

God be with you all as you seek Him this week!


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