Bible Reading Update #10

Good afternoon, friends!

This marks 10 weeks of reading through the gospels together!  I sure have been learning a lot this summer through reading my Bible, and I pray that you have been too.  I’d like to share some things that stood out to me personally this week.


~ When I read Luke 22:42, I immediately saw the human side of Jesus’ otherwise godly nature.  This verse also reveals how He was submissive to His Father’s will.  “Father, if You are willing, remove this cup from Me; yet not My will, but Yours be done.” This verse shows how coming to earth and dying for the sins of the world was no easy feat – even for the Son of God.  Jesus was distressed about what was about to occur yet He clearly depicted the image of a submissive Son yearning to please His Father.
~ Luke 22:61 is the fulfilling of a prophesy about Peter, told by Jesus.  Jesus told Peter that before the rooster crowed three times, Peter would deny Him.  Peter rejected that this would ever happen, but sure enough, it did.  When the rooster crowed the third time, Luke recounts that Jesus turned and looked at Peter.  I wonder what was going on in Peter’s head right then.  After all, he had just blatantly denied His Lord and Jesus knew it!  No wonder the next verse says Peter “went out and wept bitterly”.
As most of us are getting back into the swing of school/work schedules, let’s make it a priority to spend time with the Lord each day.  Elizabeth George (Christian author) once suggested in one of her books to young women, that they pick a time and place to meet with God everyday.  It can just be a desk in your room, or a quiet place like a closet.  She also suggests filling your “place” with your Bible, a notebook, pens, highlighters, and other things that will encourage you to spend time with your Father.  Doing this may help you to prioritize your spiritual walk and help to remove distractions from your time of devotions.
Have a great week :)


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