Back in Prison…Kind Of

Since I first began working in prison, I’ve learned to be flexible. Some things just don’t go as planned, and we have to work around the obstacles as best we can. So I flew back here to FL on Monday only to find that the JOY dorm was struck with the same sickness that has weaseled its way into churches, schools, etc. across the country. Armed with gloves and face masks, we went in on Tuesday to see everyone even though we had already canceled class. We left that day not knowing that we might not be back for weeks. We are currently unable to go into the dorm and the sickness has seemingly gotten worse (half of the ladies are down now). As usual, however, God has not allowed this to happen in vain. Our newest volunteer, Hannah, flew in last weeks and the “spare” time we suddenly now have has provided for adjustment and training. 

Ruthie and I have also been free to “advertise” for the Basic Seminar (coming to the prison in less than 2 weeks) to the R/O dorms (inmates who are brand new to prison). We would never typically have time to do this.

The R/Os are so hungry (more like starving) for something to “help them change”.

I had the sweet opportunity to talk with an R/O, Shanna, who is in prison for the very first time. She was homeless and addicted to drugs. She apparently had a breakdown before we showed up. It’s people like Shanna who are so incredibly receptive to the life-transformation that Jesus has to offer. She is signing up for the Basic Seminar, and will start reading her Bible in the book of John. My heart and prayers go out to these girls who are helpless and hopeless, searching for something to live for. I was glad to observe how Shanna was already connecting the dots between her choices and the painful consequences that she is now facing. She said it feels so much different when you’re sober then when you’re high. She’s finally bearing the responsibility for her actions. I’m praying Shanna will carry that burden to the ultimate Burden-bearer, Jesus Christ, and receive the upside-down, inside-out transformation He wants to do in her life—simply because He loves her.

Please pray for Shanna and the other R/Os. That they will come to the Basic Seminar and that a foundation will be laid for a lifetime of following the Lord.

Also keep praying for healing for the JOY dorm and that God would be glorified through this time of testing. Pray that they will be healed in plenty of time to attend the Basic Seminar!

His ways and plans are so much higher than our own.



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