AUTHOR Katey Nakatsu

Time with the Balkans

     a few  weeks ago, our friends, Grace and Belle Balkan, spent the weekend at our house! we had so much I just decided to make a post about our adventures with them! we had a pretty busy, yet fun-filled, weekend and did so many different things including: trampoline games, a tennis match, a…


Bright Lights Anniversary

This February marked the second year anniversary of Bright Lights, a girls Bible study group that meets in our home. I have learned a lot over the past two years and have loved getting to meet each new girl that joins! Last year we had the privilege of being visited by Sarah Mally, the founder…


Mochi Day

since my dad’s side of the family is japanese, traditionally, the day after Christmas, we all gather to make mochi (a doughy ball made from rice). the japanese believe it to be “good luck” for the new year, but we just have fun gathering together again!