Anybody here???

Well, there I go again, abandoning this poor, poor blog for months.  What can I say? Life happens!  Every once in awhile I get re-inspired to tend to this fading and neglected website; and today, friends, is one of those days! Here are some random happenings that have occurred in my absence:

Christmas cooking~




Ringing in the new year~




Building giant Jenga towers while babysitting~




Sunday walks~



These and various other things have engrossed my mind as of late.  Well, I would say “see you soon”, but you know how that goes…





  • Hey, look who is back!!! All y’all guys look so good. I love your shirt in the last picture:) So excited y’all are coming so soon to a place the word “y’all” isn’t foreign!!!!!!!! See you soon!
    Love y’all!

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