this last weekend we drove up to miami/globe area in northern az with the purpose of riding the quads in the desert. however, we couldn’t help but notice the lovely antique shops along the way.


so what did we do? pulled over immediately to shop!! unfortunately for my dad, he was outnumbered and his vision of quading and shooting quickly took a backseat to the gems we saw in those store windows.










one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?




i think this is what one might call a record player??
i think this is what one might call a record player??




love this sign
love this sign
















love the unique colors!!
love the unique colors!!
















my random obsession with old trucks...
my random obsession with old trucks…


ok so i bought nothing. and…we did go quading after and enjoyed the slightly cooler weather (95 degrees).

it was nice to have one last adventure before we get too deep in the school year.

who am i kidding?! we do stuff like this all the time (attributable to homeschooling!!)


“I have considered the days of old, the years of ancient times.”

~ Psalm 77:5


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