ARCHIVES March 2016

Pray Without Ceasing

 Have you ever read the seventeenth verse of 1 Thessalonians chapter 5, and questioned how one might pray without ceasing?  So did I, until recently.  Through an intense, online discipleship program that I have been apart of for the past month (more on that later), I learned the truth about what this verse is saying.…



Ahhhh! What a joy it is to have friends from all over the country who share your beliefs and know how to make you laugh! Some of our best friends are Laura and LiliAnna Beasley who live in Oklahoma. With Dad being a pilot and a free weekend on the calendar, we packed our bags…


Photos with Friends

It’s always a joy to get together with close friends with whom you are bound to laugh, smile, and eat some good pizza! That’s just what we did last week with Claire, Grace, Belle, Megan & Myah! Lauren and I are truly blessed with some great Christian friends who love us and join in our craziness! Here…