Fall Break 2014

We just returned from a great trip to California! Our nephew Tyler joined us for three days of fun and activities which included Knotts Berry Farm, Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour, and my personal favorite, The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.


What Will You Do?

Corporations all around the world are rapidly joining the fight to change the definition of marriage.  With a vengeance, they are embracing an agenda and celebrating a lifestyle that the Bible teaches is sin, all under the guise of “acceptance, inclusion, and diversity”.  I believe this video is a stark reminder to all Christians that we could soon find ourselves in the position of having to either stand alone in defense of Biblical truth, or give way to fear and bow to the golden image of a sinful culture.

The example in this AFA video is not something that is coming, it’s here now!  If you’re like me, an employee of a large corporation, the prospect of either losing a job or being denied a job for which you’re well qualified, because of adherence to Biblical standards, is very real.

As for me, I will serve Jesus Christ and stand unapologetically in support of the Biblical definition of marriage.  What would will you do?

“Disagreement is not hatred, and the truth is not hate speech. The truth is only hate speech to those who hate the truth.”

Bryan Fischer

How to de-seed a Pomegranate

Pomegranates are a delicious fall/winter treat, but many people are afraid of the mess or simply don’t know how to get the seeds out easily.

Once you have managed to open a pomegranate, you can go right ahead and eat it. But if you take the time to separate the arils (the seeds) from the white skin they’re attached to, your pomegranate eating experience will be less messy and taste much better.

ATI Family Connection – Phoenix

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Special guests

The ATI Family Connection team just departed after a brief visit in Phoenix.  They are making their way around the US with a message of encouragement for families to be strong in The Lord.  It was such a blessing to meet the team and have them stay with us during their time here. We praise the Lord for the opportunity to meet and fellowship with other Arizona families that are desiring to live for Christ.

Below is a clip of the Waller Brothers Quartet singing “Are you Washed in the Blood”.  I apologize for the shaky video.  Along with forgetting to bring the butter, I also forgot the tripod!

Here are a few pictures from our time with the Waller family and Gabriel Cleator.

Katey’s 16th Birthday

Although the celebration began 4 days ago, today is Katey’s official 16th birthday! The Balkan girls joined us for a day of festivities that included pedicures (I did not participate in this event), photo shoots, homemade waffles, and many other fun activities.

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Katey with her new harp

Happy Birthday Katey! We love you.